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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS)
Brief Introduction:
1. Molecular Formula: C12H25-OSO3Na;
    Molecular Mass: 288.38
    CAS No: 151-21-3;

2. Characteristic
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS), also called sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS or NaDS) or sodium laurilsulfate. sodium lauryl sulfate is a kind of white crystalline flakes or powder, with special smell, solution in water is neutral, low toxicity, the median lethal dose(rat. oral) is 1288mg/kg
solubility: 150g/L water(20°C),75g/L ethanol (20°C),insoluble in chloroform melting point: 206°C CMC: 9.0×10-3 (Mol/L, 25°C)

3. specifications:

 Active matter%
 GB/T 13529-2003.5.2
 sodium sulfate%
(relative to 100% active compound)
 GB/T 13529-2003.5.4
 unsulfated matter, %
(relative to 100% active matter)
 GB/T 13529-2003.5.3
 ph value(1% a.m)
 GB/T 13529-2003.5.
 color, hazen(5% a.m)
 GB/T 13529-2003.5.6
 water %

4. Application:
. Detergency: tooth paste, shampoo, cosmetic, detergent and so on.
. Construction: plasterboard, additive of concrete, coating and so on.
. Pharmaceutical: Medicine, pesticide and so on.
. Leather: leather soft agent, wool cleaning agent and so on.
. Paper making: penetrant, flocculating agent, deinking agent and so on.
. Auxiliaries: texitile auxiliaries, plastic auxiliaries and so on.
. Fire fighting: oil well fire fighting, fire fighting device and so on.
. Mineral choosing: mine flotation, coal water mixture and so on.
. Rubber latex
. PVC Paste Resin.
. Electrolyzation of Manganese Dioxide.

. Powder and needle form products in craft-paper bags or woven bags, 20 Kg net weight.
. Liquid form products in plastic barrels, 200 Kg net weight

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